Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tip-It Tuesday: A Follow-Up

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday!! I am SO sorry, I don't have a new tip for you today :( Being on vacation with the family is finally catching up with me (blogwise anyway), and unfortunately I seem to have caught a bug and I've been feeling pretty sick the last couple of days. I had been fighting it but yesterday I finally accepted that I was sick, so I've fallen a little behind. BUT I would HATE to disappoint you guys, so I hope you will accept this tip follow up in place of my regular tip!

Remember last week's tip about stamping on pottery?

Are you ready to see the finished product??

Check it out!!

I LOVE how this turned out! It looks just like I hand painted the adorable phrases, but if I actually had you wouldn't be able to read them, lol. And I think the ice cream scoop in the bottom is just TOO cute! In case you forgot, these adorable stamps are from the Sweet Stamp Shop Cool Scoop stamp set (which is on clearance right now!).

Alright sweet friends, I hope you enjoyed this little project. I WILL be back for Work-It Wednesday tomorrow, PROMISE!

AND I will make sure to do an EXTRA good tip for you next week!

Big bloggy hugs <3

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