Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tip-It Tuesday: Stamping on Pottery

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another Tip-It Tuesday here at MTE! Today I have what may seem like a bit of a strange tip, but as you know I'm on vacation with my family this week, and I couldn't resist sharing with you how I used my stamps in an unusual way!

Every summer I visit Lake Tahoe with my family. CHECK out the view from our condo:

GORGEOUS, no? And every year (seriously, EVERY year) we paint ceramics. Of course, even on vacation, I have a small stash of craft supplies with me. So this year, I had an idea...

This week's tip: Painting on Ceramics!

So first things first, gather your supplies:

1. Ceramic piece to paint (I chose a mug/bowl, I LOVE these!)
2. Stamps! (I chose Sweet Stamp Shop's Cool Scoop set, perfect for an ice cream bowl!!)
3. Paint

That's all you need!

Next, paint the base colors on your ceramic piece:

Ooo pretty :)

Now it's time to stamp!
I placed my stamp on a small acrylic block because I had a flat enough surface to stamp on normally. My mom was also stamping on her piece but she had to pass on the acrylic block and handle the stamp manually because of the curve of her piece.
You won't be able to dip the stamp in the paint the way you would normally press it on an ink pad. Instead, I lightly brushed the paint onto my stamp:

And now you stamp!
Quick tip: be sure to apply even pressure, if your piece curves a little, you may want to "rock" the block a little to match the curve.

And finally, you will want to clean up the stamping by hand with a small detail brush.

Check out my finished product (pre-firing anyway!):

It looks like I have amazing painting skills and I was able to "hand write" the phrases, but it was actually a stamp! Lol!

I also stamped a single scoop of ice cream in the bottom of the bowl:

SO cute right?? Keep in mind (especially if you've never painted ceramics before) that the paint colors will change a little and the whole piece will be smooth and shiny after it has been fired.

My number one tip to keep in mind when stamping on ceramics: DON'T expect perfect!
This creates a wonderful hand painted look (NOT a "perfect" look) and is a great tool for those of use who have no painting skills what-so-ever!

I'll be sure to share the finished product later this week!!

Alright sweet friends, that's all for today! I'll see you tomorrow for another Work-It Wednesday :D

Big bloggy hugs <3


  1. what a fun idea Alyssa!!!
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. aw, tahoe in the summer is so pretty. plus away from the insane heat too!
    LOVE the ice cream cup... super cute!

  3. What a fun cup. I absolutely love the not-perfect look of this. Can't wait to see the finished fired and glazed product. :D